Who we are

When we say “the train got you to the right station”, we are pretty sure you chose the best destination for translating your project. Language Resort is one of the leading companies in the translation industry. We built up one of the most broad and extensive terminology database in all fields including legal, business, commerce, marketing, medical, military, religious etc. Such a bank of terminology was accumulated over years through the experience of our veteran linguists and with the help of modern translation technology. These years of wide knowledge and extensive experience are to be integrated, at the end, to help you communicate in the best way with others.


Your documents and instruments are translated under strict conditions of confidentiality. Our electronic systems apply watertight security applications that are proven resistant to all types of hacking and electronic vandalization; that makes us the top of the mind for military and legal translation seekers. Our team of translators supported by auditors and proofreaders warrants that your translation project will be produced with the highest linguistic quality and ultimate accuracy.


Language Resort assists you to crystallize an idea in your mind into an advertisement flyer that takes your business everywhere. Our language producers will copywrite for your brand. We only recruit experienced translators who are required to be well-versed in both source and target languages to translate marketing material and create your content, so you can relax and fully trust our end product. Language Resort is equipped to provide your organization with advanced solutions to transform your global communications and interactions with international stakeholders.