Before explaining the stages every project goes through once it’s handed to our side, we had better shed light on how we select out team members:

All our translators undergo initial test before joining our team.

At the end of every project, every translator is a subject to a reevaluation program. The outcome of which, is used as a basis for our evaluation database of every linguists and translator working in our company. Accordingly, we offer our team self-development programs to promote their skills and tackle any weaknesses in their performance

Now we can explain the stages of every translation process:
1.Evaluation & Nomination: Any project received from our clients passes through an evaluation process, based on which we will nominate the suitable translator/translators who can handle the project to the satisfaction of the client.
2.Revision: once the translation stage is over, the project is revised by one of our highly skilled reviewers.
3.Editing: our company is blessed by a group of native speakers in both English and Arabic languages. Once the translation and revision stages are over, the project is handed to our editing team whose job is to accommodate the translated material as if it was written originally in the target language.

Note: Our Project Management team is involved in every stage to make sure meeting the delivery deadline of all our projects.